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By simply diffusing high quality essential oils, you release the oil vapors into the air around you which you then inhale through your nose. The molecules that you inhale move out of your nose to your lungs with end up encouraging your respiratory health. From that point, the essential oil compounds that have been inhaled are dispersed into various pathways in your body affecting the various parts of your body system.

Organic essential oils have been proven to work on all levels including psychological, physical, psychological, and spiritual. This very deep impact essential oils have in your emotions helps determine your mood and behavior both of which are crucial to your daily life.

With odor being one of our five senses, it’s often overlooked as being among the significant ones that we rely on heavily. Associated with a primal condition, our sense of smell is so precise to a memory ability to be able to identify odor molecules as long as 70 years old. This is thanks to a limbic brain which processes odor and enables an effectiveness of up to 10,000 times more powerful than your senses over sound or sight. In fact, odor goes through your brain processor faster than sound or sight.

The signals of scent travel through the olfactory neurons and wind up in the amygdala where memories are stored.

And the most effective way for our memories to be saved is through the sense of smell which is why this side of the mind is often referred to as the psychological side of our brain. As the amygdala acts as a function for identifying threat or challenge, thus providing us with the well-known stress reaction of fight or flight, the amygdala is continually watching for emotional and physical security with a sense of routine and familiarity.

Smell affects our behavior due to the hypothalamus regulating our body into balance. With this huge effect relating to our fight and flight response based on our stress levels, the hypothalamus partners smell as an important element for reaction. Our brain causes hormones to be released together with neurochemicals which help in changing the way our body acts.

As a result, of the powerful connection and impact, organic essential oils have such a deep psychological and physiological impact on the brain, body, and soul.

To truly maximize your wellbeing in all aspects of your life, be sure to incorporate aromatherapy into your home, your office, and during your transport efforts. For example, using an aromatherapy diffuser for auto traveling can help you feel relieve tension and anxiety when regulating your mood and health. After all, with the majority of us traveling about 40 minutes to an hour per day in a vehicle, it’s good to know that we are improving our wellbeing in every way possible. Additionally, the road rage and stress could do with some relief!

We advise that you buy organic essential oils when looking for a high quality source to help boost your health and overall wellbeing. For those looking for the best aromatherapy oil diffuser on the current market, make sure you invest in glass diffusers such as an essential oil nebulizer diffuser as these do not contain any dangerous plastics that will have a negative impact on your wellbeing. Raccoon Droppings ruin your essential oils.

Essential Oil Nebulizer Diffuser

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