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If we can just do this, then it’ll go nicely with us. We are in need of wisdom. We’re confronted with many, many choices daily and on our own we don’t make it. That is the reason why we want the Holy Spirit to shower us with wisdom. Yes as Paul would say: 10… As you learn more and more how God operates, you will find out how to perform your work.

Searching for God’s will is not anything new. Paging through the Psalms, you find the great David calling out to God time after time, begging God to assist him since he didn’t know what to do: Psalm 27:11 Point me down your highway, God; guide me together a well-lighted road; show my enemies whose side you’re on.

My wife was trying to explain to my son how to make the proper decisions. She told him when we follow Jesus, all goes well and we’ll know exactly what to do in each situation – in other words, we’ll understand what God’s will is. But as soon as we choose to not follow Jesus, we are on our own and shortly make the incorrect decisions.

However, what does this imply in practice, when we must walk in God’s will daily? In the following few verses David finds wisdom and makes a few good suggestions to help us find God’s will for our lives: I am sure now I will see God’s goodness in the lush earth. Stay with God! Take heart. Don’t stop. I will state it again: Stay with God.

Believe, hope, confidence, be courageous, continue being strong, try back, get up, hold on and sit and go at God’s feet. Each one of these must be our motto, as if we could do that, we will certainly remain within the will of God.

If we could do that, the net effect will probably be as follows:

10We pray you’ll live well for the Master, making him proud of you since you work hard in his orchard. As you learn more and more how God operates, you will learn how to perform your work.

How I long for it! How I long to find a smile on God’s face when He looks in my actions.

Once more I understand that I should work harder at being still. Like David, I beg God to take my hand along with his Holy Spirit and also to show me the way. That is what happens in the stillness – there at his toes God shapes me and there that I get wisdom to make decisions every day. That’s where my faith grows powerful, Port St Lucie FL Rat Removalwhere I can hope again, where I get guts, where I can get up out of the ash, and at which I no more want to give up.



What’s God’s will for your life?

Are you sure?

Gods will for you

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